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Do OGX® products contain sulfates?
OGX® products use a unique sulfate free surfactant. They contain no lauryl or laureth sulfates.

Do OGX® shampoos and conditioners contain parabens?
No, all OGX® shampoos and conditioners are paraben free.

Is Organix® safe for color treated and/or highlighted hair?
Yes, OGX® luxurious formulas won’t bleach out your hair color or highlights. They are gentle on color treated hair.

Are your shampoos and conditioners pH balanced?
Yes, all of our products are pH balanced, including shampoos and conditioners. The pH range for shampoo is 3.5 - 6 and 5.5-6 for the conditioners.

Are OGX® products tested on animals?
No, OGX® products are NOT tested on animals. OGX® does not initiate animal tests on either finished products or ingredients whether directly or indirectly. All ingredients used are carefully monitored. All suppliers are requested to confirm that their materials have not been tested on animals. Ingredients which do not have this data supplied for them are not used in any products. OGX® is against the suffering endured by animals when ingredients and products are tested. We support suppliers and organizations that are developing alternative methods of testing without using animals.

Are OGX® products gluten free?
The majority of OGX products are gluten free with the exception of Biotin & Collagen and Citrus Mint ranges, which contain hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Does OGX® contain animal by-products?
Yes, some of our shampoos and conditioners do contain animal by-products such as keratin derived from sheep wool, whipped egg white proteins, and Collagen from deep water fish. Our products also contain silk amino acids. For an animal free product we recommend the rejuvenating cherry blossom ginseng shampoo and conditioner.

Are OGX® products available online?
Yes, you may purchase OGX® products directly from our website by the case at www.vogueintl.com. OGX® products may also be purchased online from a number of websites including: www.amazon.com, www.drugstore.com, www.cosmeticsolutions.biz, and many others.

Which OGX® collection should I use for my hair type?

• Dry hair: Awapuhi Ginger, Macadamia Oil, or Moroccan Argan Crème
• Thin/lifeless hair: Biotin & Collagen
• Strengthen/fortify: Keratin Oil
• Smooth/silky finish: Brazilian Keratin Therapy
• For everyday/lightweight moisture: Moroccan Argan Oil and Coconut Milk
• Dry, oily, or combination hair: Scalp Therapy Australian Teatree or Teatree Mint
• For thick/coarse hair: Argan Oil & Shea Butter.

OGX® has a variety of products and collections to help you look your best! Feel free to browse our website and read the description for each item to help you decide which OGX® product best suits your need or desired look.

Where can I buy the hair and body collections?
For a full list of retailers please visit the link below. Be sure to call ahead distribution varies with retailers.

I cannot find the instructions for the Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment?
If you look at the back label on the bottle, it says "Lift for Directions", just peel the top layer off to see the instructions. Or visit the link below:
BKT 30 Day Smoothing Treatment Instructions | Organix ® Beauty. Pure & Simple.

When using the Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment, when is it okay to color my hair?
OGX® Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment can be used on highlighted, color treated, chemically relaxed, wavy, curly, and damaged hair. As with most hair treatments, we do recommend performing a strand test, especially if you have highlights, light colored, or chemically treated hair. In isolated circumstances, some may experience a discoloration of the hair. For best results, use Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment 1 – 2 weeks prior to coloring.

Can I use the Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment while I am pregnant or nursing?
We would recommend contacting your physician. All of the ingredients are listed on the packaging.

Will the Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment discolor my hair?
As you may already know, our hair is made up almost entirely of keratin protein. The 30 Day Smoothing Treatment binds to specific amino acids found in the keratin protein of our hair. People with higher levels of these types of amino acids in their hair are at risk and have the potential to develop a change of color. In isolated circumstances, some may experience a discoloration of the hair. As with most hair treatments, we do recommend performing a strand test in a discreet location, especially if you have light colored or chemically treated hair. Any change in color will occur immediately upon applying the flat iron.

I just applied the Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment and my hair is greasy feeling?
It may be because you used a tad too much treatment. There should be enough for two or three treatments in one bottle for someone with shoulder length hair. By the end of the first day that feeling will start to fade and will be hardly noticeable on day two, and then it is time to wash. Try to hang in there because the results are so worth it. If you wash prior to the 48 hours, the product may not work and/or not last the 30 days.

How often can I use the Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment?
The recommended use for this product is once every 30 days, we strongly encourage you to following the instructions provided in the packaging.

I have left-over 30 Day Smoothing Treatment. How do I apply a touch-up?
If you wish to reapply the 30-Day Smoothing Treatment and your pre-shampoo packette is used up, you can use any OGX shampoo for the first step. Then, just follow all of the same instructions as before, applying it to your whole head.

Do you have any samples or coupons?
Unfortunately, we do not have any coupons or samples at this time. Please check the Sunday sale papers. Frequently, stores like Walgreens and CVS run a sale or rebate on our items.

I am unsure how to use the Moroccan Argan Oil Intensive Moisture Treatment?
For suggested use of this product please visit the link below:
Moroccan Argan Oil Intensive Moisture Treatment Instructions | Organix ® Beauty. Pure & Simple


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